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Use button(s) and dial at the same time

I recently sent an email about this but I now have access here I thought I would post this here as well. I would like to have the function of being able to use a quick key button (or tablet button) at the same time as the dial. For instance, be able to press a key set as [SHIFT] while turning the dial. This would allow one to change from brush size to brush softness without having to change the dial mode. It works if I press the shift key on the keyboard but if I assign a quickkey or tablet key to be [SHIFT] it doesn't work. This could be useful for switching tool options as well.

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Thanks for sending that in. I have passed it on to the Driver and the Product teams to review. Thanks for your purchase of your Xencelabs Pen Tablet Bundle.

I totally agree this is missing. another function on the same scale is using them locked and not only while pressing
let say i want the ctrl + to adjust, so holding feature is nice but not always comfortable on this device. if one press will hold the Ctrl while i play with the dial and second press will unlock the ctrl. this would be useful. i believe you can also call it sticky keys. 

The Driver team is looking into that. How do you see yourself using that feature if they were to add it? 

For example moving items or color wheel is x5 when pressing shift. now if i want to adjust it without having my finger on both buttons or do a mouse action while spinning the wheel it will be comfortable to create a lock option for specific buttons.

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