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QuickKeys command line arguments for running Windows applications


It would be wonderful if you could add the possibility of running windows applications with command line arguments. Many windows applications take command line arguments and it would make QuickKeys even more versatile.  

Thanks for considering :-)



I asked the driver team what was involved in adding this feature. They told me that it would take quite a bit of code to make this happen and that a UI design should be changed.

When the Quick Keys was developed, it was intended for artists as a tool to help them keep their hands off the keyboard and their thoughts on their creations.

It has evolved into so much more than that. Progress to develop functionality for other uses has been a bit slow as our main focus is still on the artist community.

With that said, we do have big plans for the Quick Keys, and thanks for hanging in there with us.

After three years of promising this simple feature that would have taken less time to implement than we have spent in this forum discussing it, please consider open source or opening up an API.

Yes, I have, and our driver team is addressing it. I do not have a release date yet. But it is in the works.

Please know we are a small company with big ambitions and projects. We need to focus on getting new products out the door and adding new features to existing products that our customers suggest.

It is a balancing act, and we appreciate your patience as we move forward with our efforts in these different areas.

You have been promising that the QuickKeys command line arguments feature will be implement for quite some time now Mike.

Thanks for posting that and for adding the example.

Thank you. There are so many things you could do with command line arguments. It really opens up a new world of possibilities. You could then interact with any app that accepts command line arguments. For example, if I wanted to increase the brightness of my monitor I could do it with this simple command line and the app Controlmymonitor:

ControlMyMonitor.exe /ChangeValue "K6LMQS074873" 10 1

I gave this example earlier in this thread with more details on how it works and Danny Allen also gave an example of how he controls lights.

It is a very simple task to implement command line arguments but it would be a very powerful feature.  


This is in the works. What applications and what type of arguments would you be entering? I would like to pass this on to the driver team so they can test with real-world customer type scenarios. 

Thank you.

Please know that I'm pushing hard on the Driver team to get this ability added to the Quick Keys, and our other device buttons (Pens, Tablet, Display).

Please help us to get the command line arguments implemented.

It is still on the drawing table. There are a number of high-priority projects that the driver and product teams are finishing up right now. Please stay tuned for new product releases that are right around the corner. 

Adding arguments to the Run/Open command is on their radar.

The product team is looking at ways to expand the use of Quick Keys. When the Quick Keys were developed, it was designed around being a tool or an extension for the artist.

We did not see all the other possibilities you can use the Quick Keys for with just a little tweaking and some modification. It speaks to that old saying; you don’t know what you don’t know. And we just did not know how they would be used outside of the Art world.

With that said, what are some other areas or uses do you see the Quick Keys being used in with a few tweaks or expansion?


Any news?

The Driver team has this on their road map. I do not have an ETA as to when it will be available.

Mike, what's the status? 


Thanks for the clarification. 

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