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Multiple Bluetooth dongle connections?

Hey everyone,

I have a wireless mouse that also uses bluetooths with a dongle, I noticed that whenever I use my tablet and quickkeys, the tablet lags behind or skips quite a bit, I realized that it may have something to do with my mouse dongle, because when I turn it off, the tablet comes back to normal.

Is there a way to fix this? I would like to keep using the tablet wirelessly as its super handy, but I don't want to have my mouse turned off whenever I need to use it.

I want to think that the two Wireless dongles would not interfere with each other. But the way you are describing what you have done to troubleshoot the issue would suggest otherwise.

I would like to know the make ad model of your Mouse so our QA team can do some testing. Also, do you have the two dongles plugged into the computer next to each other? Have you tried separating them a bit to see if that helps?


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Thanks for the reply!

I'm using a Logitech MX vertical mouse, and Krita is the one that seems to give me problems with the tablet, although the dongle problem seems to be solved now that I did connect them with spaces apart, its funny how it works like that. 

Thank you for your help!

Thanks for letting me know you are up and running and for passing on the device's name that was conflicting with our driver. That is good to know. I'll pass this on to our Customer Care team to have a heads up on this issue. 

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