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using modifier keys on keyboard with pen

Hello, I am currently having an issue when using the modifier on the keyboard with the pen. It appears that the shift key is inconsistent when used with the pen. While using Adobe Illustrator, this can be very frustrating when trying to use multiple modifiers(like shift+option). 

It has been suggested that I assign the shift to one of the buttons on the tablet, but it's not a proper solution since I will use more than one modifier key at once-and altering my workflow for one key is not really a solution.

It sounds like you are using the Modifier selection to perform this setup, I would suggest that you use Keystrokes to add the Shift+Options like the image below shows. 

Let me know how this works for you. 

I’m using my keyboard, not the quick keys(which I don’t have). I would like to simply use my keyboard with the pen and not have an issue with using the shift key. Is this a known issue?

That will work. The image below shows you how to set it up. 

Open the Setting panel, and [1] select the 3-Buttton pen.

[2] If you have added an application to the Application that you are wanting to use the function on, like Adobe Illustrator, click the icon and they will see the yellow bar appear under it.

[3] Click the pen button you are wanting to use.

[4] Give it a name.

[5] Clear and then click the cursor in the Keystroke keys field, and then press the Shift key.

[6] Once done, click OK.

And you are set. 

Maybe there's a miscommunication. You're asking me to add the shift modifier to the pen button. I simply want to figure out why the shift key on my keyboard is unreliable when used WITH the pen tablet. This solution would have me use the pen, then hold down the pen button, then use another modifier key on my keyboard(i.e shift+option+F5). 

This isn't really a viable solution. It's a workaround. Again, is this an issue with the driver?

I would like to use my keyboard keys(I will often use one or more modified keys at as time) with the pen and not the pen buttons. Is there a reason why it doesn’t work?

Sounds like the misunderstanding is on my side...

I see what you are talking about. When I add Shift+Option+5, to the keystroke field I get Shift+Option+%. I'm going to talk with the Driver team about this and see what we can come up with.

Why your keyboard is not responding to this reliable, I'm not sure.


If you are able to remap that key combination to another keystroke that would be the quickest solution. 

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