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Quick Keys for Blender?


I'm just started with the program Blender and purchased the Xencelabs Bundle with Quick Keys.

I am very satisfied with my purchase!!, it's the first time I have a tablet :)

I know that the Quick Keys are personally programmable, but since I'm just starting to learn e.g. Blender I was wondering if there are preset default settings for Quick Keys which most Blender sculptors use?

I want to learn good habits from the beginning and avoid having to change everything afterwards, here and there a personal adjustment will be there I know :)

Maybe Xencelabs have basic settings for sculpting in Blender that I can import?

Or anyone can give me a good You Tube link for Blender settings?

I have already watched several beginner tutorials on You Tube, but there is so much info that I can't see the forest for the trees for a while :D

Are there also Xencelabs default settings for Photoshop?

Maybe I can get a good tip on this forum for which thanks!!

Kind regards,

also whats the  option button for 

What is the keystoke in Blender for that action?

yes and what is the command button  for hard ops

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