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Write the dial mode on the display

I'd like to have to option to have the display written the Dial Mode in the center 

Could perhaps enable a "experimental" mode to test this kind of requested features.

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I was testing with My Quick Keys settings. I deactivated Mode 4, and when I cycled through the settings, it only showed the three that were active.

It showed [1] these three, but not [2] the deactivated one. As shown in the image below.


Another dial mode request: when disabling one of them. it is still active on the dial but just dont do anything. i wish that if you disable one for example, the dial will give you 3 options and not 4 to switch between (as the disabled one doesnt do anything anyway and a waste of a click)

I'll pass that on to the Product team and have them take a look at your request. 

i like this. ye its missing. also most of the time i wont look at the device display but on the screen. could have been nice if the software itself could push the press status of buttons and dial press on the screen like they do on macbook screen capture videos.

 That'd be a welcome addition. No method to upvote I guess...

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The OLED is only a soft white color. You can only display characters that are used on the keyboard. It will show other language sets. I set mine to use the Japanese character sets to test that.

How about this Mike, for now you guys could maybe make it happen only in "horizontal" mode, hopefully with inverted characters (black characters on white background) :)

P.S. Few question: Is the display on the device just white (one color), or there are multiple colors, just not used ? -&- Can it display only characters and does it have any (and enough) memory to store custom ones or even rudimentary graphics, like custom Icons ?

I like that, the only issue I see is that when you rotate the Quick Keys 90 degrees so the dial is on top, you lose that gap.

But with that said I like where you are going with that. I'll pass it on to the team. 

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I believe I had attached the image before... just in case, here I send again.

(429 KB)

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Thanks for posting that. How do you envision seeing that on the dial? Can you post a mock up or a sketch of what you are thinking? 

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