What software are you using with your XenceLabs tablet?

I would like to reach out to you and ask; What software are you using with your Xencelabs Tablet? 

The reason for this is simple, we are wanting to know what software you ae using so we can look at better ways to help you use that software with our line of tablets.  This would include possibly adding more Pre-Set buttons for specific functions in applications. 

We also know that there are thousands of art type applications out there, beyond the Adobe, Corel and Autodesk applications and would like to see what you are using them in your work to create your works of art. 

I'm trying to set mine up firstly with Lightroom and Photoshop. I can see me using it with Chrome too.

I have adding Microsoft Edge and made some custom setting with it on my Quick Keys - 

With Chrome I've settled on the following helpful actions for Chrome on my Mac:

  • New tab (CMD+N)
  • New Icognito window (CMD+SHIFT+N)
  • Close tab (CMD+W)
  • Re-open closed tab (CMD+SHIFT+T)
  • Paste & go - (CMD+L, CMD+V, CTRL+ENTER)

That last one is probably the most useful for me but caused the most trouble. It seemed to require two presses on the Quick Key to work as expected. After some experimenting I found that adding an inconsequential CTRL in there with the ENTER command got it to perform the expected action in a single press. Imperfect but good enough.

Thanks for sharing this information. Are you OK if I create an FAQ using this and also share it in our Tip&Tricks and use your name? 

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Yes, that's fine with me.

Thanks - 

I use a tablet as part of my design workflow. Specifically, any illustration and layout work. Photoshop, Illustrator, Blender, and Asprite mostly. I switch off tablet and mouse when I am working in InDesign.

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