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QuickKeys command line arguments for running Windows applications


It would be wonderful if you could add the possibility of running windows applications with command line arguments. Many windows applications take command line arguments and it would make QuickKeys even more versatile.  

Thanks for considering :-)



Agreed 100%.  Even better, provide distinct option for not adding cmd line args when "start-launching" an app, but also provide options for"cmd.exe-" and/or "powershell.exe-launching" with full shell-processed arguments, etc.  All of Win, Mac, and Linux handle "GUI-launching" apps differently from how "CLI-launched" executables are handled, esp. in terms of argument processing, env var uses, etc.

It would also be useful to be able to launch cmd.exe, ps.exe/powershell.exe and equivalent "non-GUI-app" type command line programs as well.  If at least we had ability to issue command line arguments as mentioned above, we could directly set cmd.exe or whatever as the app and go from there.  However, giving ability to issue direct cmd.exe-type commands/scripts with full piping/redirection, evaluation, etc. would also be useful (and quite simple from a Win32 API perspective, using system() instead of ShellExecute()).

You can do that now. Follow the below instructions to set that up on your Quick Keys, Tablet button, or a button on your pen.

You can set this on a button on your Quick Keys, your Tablet, or your pen.

In this example I'm setting it up on button 8 on my Quick Keys.

[1] Select the button you are wanting to use. I selected button 8.

[2] I then selected Application from the drop down menu.

[3] And then select Open/Run

[1] Select Browse to locate the .exe you are wanting to have openned. In this case I'm adding CMD.exe.

Now the challanging part will be to find the .exe your are wanting to run.

[1] Shows that Path I used to locate CMD.exe

[2] Once I found it, I selected it.

[3] And it was placed in the File name field.

[4] Then you can click OK

[1] You can see it as been added to button #8, and on the Quick Keys you will see it displayed as cmd

[1] This is what it looks like on your Quick Keys.

You can use this process to setup any .exe on your computer, as long as you can find the command like exe. 

What we wish to accomplish is not to run the command prompt in Windows, but to use command line arguments.

Command line arguments are used to give input to program files.

Here is an example:

ControlMyMonitor.exe /ChangeValue "K6LMQS074873" 10 1

the command line argument /ChangeValue is used to change the brightness of the monitor with the identification string K6LMQS074873 by 1% using the program file ControlMyMonitor.exe

(further details

If we could use command line arguments that would open a large set of possibilities and make Quick Keys more versatile. I would be happy to help the programmers with this. It should take a few minutes to fix.

Thanks for the clarification. I agree that would open up the functionality of the Quick Keys to a whole different segment of users. The Quick Keys is currently not able to do that.

I have passed this on to the Driver team to review. I like it!


Yes, being able to set cmd line arguments is critical, as is being able to issue the cmds + args to different shells (IOW, don't just support cmd-line args for cmd.exe, please, you need to support them generally to any app the user's selected).


There is a new stand-alone driver for QuicKKeys for Windows (v1.2.1-14), that's great to see that sort of development! It would be so great now if you could also implement command line arguments in that stand-alone driver ;-)

Thanks for the kind words. I'll pass that on to the Driver team. They love seeing that!

For the Command line arguments, how do you think you would use that? Currently, you can enter 24 characters into the Keystroke feature of the Quick Keys. I would like to see some examples of you would like us to develop that Quick Keys.


@Mike McBride, the command line arguments wouldn't be added into the keystroke UI, but into the Application > Open/Run... UI, see my mockup here:


Thanks for the clarification. 

Mike, what's the status? 


The Driver team has this on their road map. I do not have an ETA as to when it will be available.

Any news?

It is still on the drawing table. There are a number of high-priority projects that the driver and product teams are finishing up right now. Please stay tuned for new product releases that are right around the corner. 

Adding arguments to the Run/Open command is on their radar.

The product team is looking at ways to expand the use of Quick Keys. When the Quick Keys were developed, it was designed around being a tool or an extension for the artist.

We did not see all the other possibilities you can use the Quick Keys for with just a little tweaking and some modification. It speaks to that old saying; you don’t know what you don’t know. And we just did not know how they would be used outside of the Art world.

With that said, what are some other areas or uses do you see the Quick Keys being used in with a few tweaks or expansion?


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