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Switch Display with a keyboard shortcut

It would be amazing if we could toggle the monitor display with a keyboard shortcut!

It would be a world-first since no tablet company actually offers this feature.

It's essential, especially for drag-drop operations between monitors.

On my previous tablets (Wacom/XP-Pen), I could switch displays by using AutoHotkey and assigning a key to manipulate the Control Panel GUI.

Unfortunately, the XenceLabs GUI doesn't have ClassNN controls exposed - I can't get information about how many monitors,  which monitor is currently active or even send keystrokes directly to a control/combo/list box.

I thought about using a HID parser and sending the 'Switch Display' command directly to the tablet drivers but this won't work. Unfortunately, XenceLabs 'Switch Display' function cycles the active monitors... and then activates All Displays! 

There doesn't appear to be a way to disable the 'All Displays' entry from being cycled. Doesn't seem possible to directly switch to a specific monitor.

Maybe XenceLabs could enable a command-line option with switches?

e.g. Xencelabs.exe -screen:FullTabletArea -display:Monitor3

I'm running out of ideas - I've got no way of switching monitors without physically pressing a button on the tablet :(






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Agreed, would love to see this implemented as well for the Pen Tablet.

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