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QuickKeys should offer ALL clicks + modifiers as actions...

Instead of just focusing on the usual left-click variants, many apps make use of the other click-type events (LMB, RMB & MMB) in both single-, double-click, and click-and-hold variants, as well as having various modifiers active (CTRL, Shift, Alt).  Right now there are many variations that are not accessible as "actions" inside the QuickKeys programming options.  

Please provide ALL click variations as actions and allow any/all modifiers to be set for them as actions within QuickKeys action programming.

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You are 100% correct and the Driver team at Xencelabs is working on that. 

Adding to this, maybe there could be a way to make the field where the keys are entered freely writable after clicking an extra button. That way any key could be entered, this also being a workaround for the QWERTY/QWERTZ-problem. Example: Resolve uses / and Alt+/ but Alt+/ cannot be entered on a German keyboard. Or: a global shortcut can now only be entered, if is deactivated in Windows, because pressing it would activate the command. All in all, a freely writable field as an additional option would work around all that. 

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