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Quick Keys for Krita

 I started to create a configuration for my new Quick Keys Remote for the free painting application Krita.

It is a start and probably will not fit everybody, so adjustments are welcome and I would be happy to see approaches from other people.

So please share your configurations here.

There are a ffew shortcuts that probably needs to be created in Krita as they are usually not assigned to a key. (Some are also stealing a key from lesser used tools)

To change these in Krita go to "Settings" -> "Configure Krita" -> "Keyboard Shorcuts" and search for the following commands:

"Freehand Selection" -> Now assigned to "^" on a german keyboard the key left of the 1

"Reload Brush Preset" -> Now assigned to "Q", taken away from the multibrush.

These are a mix of my own presets and stuff I found in David Revoy's Tips and Tricks.

I do hope you like it and share your own configurations.

(11.3 KB)

Carsten - Thanks for posting your Krita setup for the Quick Keys. That is awesome.

It would be interesting to see what others post, and from that, I can see if the Driver team will add a set of Pre-Sets for Krita when the Xencelabs Driver is installed.

Thanks for posting and sharing!


Thanks! I saved that file to try later on.

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