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Mouse mode default

Ability to set the tracking much faster, please. (I'm hoping BetterTouchTool will let you set it like it does the Apple Mouse, but I don't think so.)

Also, I'd like to leave it in Mouse mode all the time. I'm new to the tablet, but so far I haven't seen a way to make this the default.

It seems unlikely that I'd ever want to use relative mode. If it were the model with a display that would be very different, but not this one.


Thanks. Yeah, I did figure that out.

The post before this one shows you how to set your Pens to Mouse Mode. I'm a big fan of using the pen in Pen Mode, as mouse mode only gives me a "stick" to draw with. You lose the pressure ability in all applications.

The other drawback to Mouse Mode is the relative positioning, you need to push your cursor across the display. I have a Xencelabs Pen Display 24 and a BenQ 27 and a 15-inch laptop I navigate. I would be spending half my day pushing the mouse around my displays.

But that is a personal choice and we do offer both modes.


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