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Tilt mode

Tilt mode absolutely must not engage until you drop the pen to the tablet surface. Otherwise the pen jumps to a different position when you lower it.

That causes new users like me total frustration. I''ll start a new post about suggested defaults.

Yeah, I don't want to trash the product. Lots of people really like tablets, so I hope everyone puts my experience in perspective.

Obviously we're not all the same person!

Thanks for your post and for writing about your experiences with the Pen Tablet. For those of you who read Nick’s post, like any new tool, you need time to work with it to see how it will fit into your workflow. 

Not everyone is a fan of Digital Tablets, and that is ok. There are other choices, and it is up to you to try different devices to see what works best for you. 

At the end of the day, it is all about what works for you! 

Again, thanks.

It was in un-Mouse mode when I turned off Tilt, so I don't know whether it's only in that mode.

Frankly, this was the single thing that convinced me that no amount of practice will make me like tablets.

Let me try explaining what I think was going on. It wasn't jumping when I tiled it, but turning off Tilt solved the problem.

If the outside of your hand is resting on the surface, the pen travels in a very slight arc when you lower it to the tablet (because your hand is tethered). I believe that's what caused the pointer to move from where it had been hovering.

But thinking about it, that arc is very slight and it might not account for the cursor jump. So who knows.

No doubt I could have got used to keeping the pen very low to get around this issue, but I just didn't feel enough animal love chemistry to make me want to work through the issues in our relationship.

Are you in Mouse mode when your pen jumps while you are tilting your pen?

Your pen should not be jumping while you are hovering the pen and tilting it to the left or right.

Are you able to post a short video showing that? 


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