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Permanent, simple modifiers

Hi. I have tried adding as keystrokes characters like ~ or « that ON MY KEYBOARD are not present but require keystrokes like ALT+1,2,6 on the numeric keypad.
At the present, the ALT lasts only for the first character, typing "☺26" or "☺74".
ALT modifier deactivates after the first character.
I don't think it is my fault, I have tried different ways.

I kindly ask to be able to add, as PERMANENT modifier during the keystroke, simple modifiers like ALT or CTRL, or at least to be able to record an ASCII combo that will be reproduced as it was.

Thank you in advance.

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Thanks for posting that. As you have discovered, you are not currently able to add those types of keystrokes to the keystroke field. The drive team is looking into what it will take to allow you to add those characters with the needed "+."

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Any progress on this? This would be an incredibly useful function. (In fact it is the main reason I bought Quick Keys).

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Feature requests are handled differently than bugs. Some of the feature requests that have been asked for and are being looked at by the driver team will take a major overhaul of the code that is in place. Being able to redesign and rewrite the needed objects takes time. 

And as mentioned many times, Xencelabs is also developing new products. Xencelabs is a small team doing big things!

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Thanks for the follow up. The driver team is still working on a solution for allowing these typese of keystrokes to be inputted into the Keystrokes field. 

I do not have and time estamate on when this will be fixed and added to the driver.

Hi. Is there any new driver coming or even due?

I like the hardware very much, but ATP it's crippled by a lack of software features.

Yes, we will have both a macOS and a Windows driver update later today.

What are you referring to when you refer to ATP?

At The Present, At This Point.

Quick Keys has many feature requests, but none in the "planned" folder.

The configuration software has a lot of boundaries (I.e: I have a MOUSE in which macros you can program the lenght of the keystroke in millis, or multiple key modifiers).
The hardware is really better than many competitors (even it lacks the "standalone" capability, but that would need some non-volatile memory), the configuration software could be drastically improved in terms of flexibility.

Thank you for any feedback.

I have seen the update's release notes:





I am happy of the last, but...

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