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Photoshop Action Menu Item to button

I wish to start a photoshop action with a button on Quick Keys but find the following issue.

I'm on Mac OSX 14 M2 chip

keyboard pref is defaulted to using f keys as brightness, volume, spotlight etc.

Photoshop actions may be set to use a function key on Mac, adding Cmd and Shift as modifiers. 

In photoshop, I set my action to initiate using a key command set, Cmd shift F4 which is physically actuated by fn Cmd shift F1, as you must click the Function key to have the F4 key work as function key rather than doing spotlight.

In key commands for the Xencel driver, there is no option for the fn or globe key... so I can't get it to work. Is there a workaround or could you add fn key to the Keystroke Add Special menu.

An observation which may or may not help, I have also tried holding the fn key on the keyboard while pressing the macro key on the quickkeys pad.

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Thanks for the post. I know that selecting the F keys on a Mac is an issue within our Quick Keys. A couple of other people have asked for similar fixes.

I’m going to reach out to the drive team and see if they have made any headway toward getting this resolved.

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