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quick keys and macos terminal


Pondering a quick keys purchase. I use the terminal alot and have alot of zsh shortcuts which I would love to map to buttons, or just put the entire command onto a button. Is it possible to run commands in the currently focused terminal using the quick keys?


That is a great question. Would you give me some examples of the commands you would like to enter? Please also let me know your operating system and version. Thanks.

So for example 

npm i

git pull --rebase origin master

I have alias' for these, but would happilly use the full commands. I usually key up to get previous commands, but would prefer just to press a button.

operating system is mac os 10.17.7. Should be a few versions on from that. Currently on intel but moving to m1 soon.

Thanks for posting those, I'll pass them on to the driver team. 

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