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Wider grip for pen

Hi there. I've had the Xencelabs 24 inch pen display in use for a couple of months now, and I love it.

This is a really small thing, but one accessory I'd love to see added, is an alternative wide grip for the 3-button pen. I've attached an image of the Wacom stulys with the kind of grip I mean. I used to use one of those before I switched from Wacom to Xencelabs, and I really miss the feel of the wider stylus.

I've actually been able to make one of my old Wacom grips kind of work with the Xencelabs pen with the help of some tape, but it's not exactly an ideal solution since the grip isn't actually tall enough :D A proper size would be most welcome!

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Thanks for posting the feature request. I have passed it on to the Product team.

If there are others out there who would like to see this or something similar, please make yourself heard! These feature requests go directly to the product team.

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