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Hold and Tap for right click

I always preferred the way Wacom had an option "hold and tap" to produce a right click. This would be helpful for those of us that use mouse gestures as the current "click" and drag the stylus button kind of freaks the mouse gesture reader out.

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Yes, the driver team is looking at it and testing it with different applications to see how it works and/or responds.

I have also done some testing (with Adobe PD) and discovered when I set one of my Quick Keys buttons to Alt, I'm able to press the button, and then tap Nib on the color I want to select and use, and it works.

There are some other features around this using this also that are being looked at.

[1] I assigned it to button #7 on my Quick Keys.

[2] I named it Color Picker.

[3] I pressed the Alt keyboard key and then clicked OK.

Please can we have any update on this? at least if it's being worked on

Thanks for the follow-up, I have let the driver team know that you are asking. I'll keep you posted. 

Im sorry for insisting but I find myself using the tablet a lot more recently and i'd like to know when will this feature be available, thank you

Hi!, Did you find something about the date where the dev team will add this feature?

I'm reaching out to the driver team to see where they are with adding the Tap and Click feature. I'll let you know what I find out. 

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It's early 2024, I hope this feature has been considered and I hope maybe it will be added in the first quarter of 2024. However, I would like to know if priority has been given since it's been like 2 years since this was suggested. Thanks

Very sorry, I do not have a time frame for when this feature will be added. It may be added in the first quarter of 2024. 

Yeah, I wanted to ask for the estimate time aswell , I know its hard to tell but wanted to express our interest in this feature

That has been added to the feature list. The driver team will be looking at creating this functionality in the feature. At this time, I do not have a time estimate on when it will be added to the driver. 

Just following up any updates on this feature

Those are all compelling arguments for having Click and Tap. I have let the driver team know that we have more customers that are interested in that feature.

Thanks for posting your thoughts and requests. This is exactly how we get new features added to the Setting panel!


I can definitely see the Click and Tap feature being a valuable addition to Xencelabs tablets, particularly for those of us working in Blender. While the Hover and Click feature is useful, it can be easy to accidentally drag a vertex or lose precision when moving an object. With Click and Tap, the accuracy is greatly improved, which is essential for 3D modeling and other tasks that require precise movements.

Additionally, selecting vertices in Blender would be much more efficient and accurate with this feature. I've also found that in sculpting mode, Hover and Click can cause issues with certain brushes, so Click and Tap would be a welcome alternative.

As someone who started using Blender with version 2.79 and prefers the old configuration for faster navigation and right-click select, I find that Hover can sometimes slow me down. However, with Click and Tap, I believe my speed and productivity would be greatly improved. Overall, I believe that the Click and Tap feature would be a significant improvement for Xencelabs tablets, especially for those of us working in Blender.

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Exactly as shown at the screenshot above in the wacom tablet settings. Press the pen button and then tap the pen tip to the tablet do a right-click.

As I said before, this gives you more control when you tap the pen buttons. When I press the button and then tap the pen tip to the tablet, the pointer will be exactly where I want it, and will not move relative to the expected point at the moment I press the pen button.


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In response to Mike above

How do you see using the Click and Tap feature?

Click and tap essentially makes the buttons on the pen modifier buttons. Hold the "right click" modifier button and Tap down on the pen.

(i am repeating myself i am sure)
Tapping down with the pen is a purposeful action. When the pen is down its actively doing something. When its up, we are using that movement to relocate the cursor to a new spot, then down again. The up and down movement of the pen on "paper" is what all the mouse-click (and key press) modifiers should cater to.

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