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Hold and Tap for right click

I always preferred the way Wacom had an option "hold and tap" to produce a right click. This would be helpful for those of us that use mouse gestures as the current "click" and drag the stylus button kind of freaks the mouse gesture reader out.

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RIght, and Xencelabs has also been busy release a new product the Pen Display 16 which required a lot of the driver's team time and energy.

Also, When looking at new feature request, they are evaluated and if that is feature the can and see a benefit in adding to Road Map it is placed on the list. Which is a moving target list at best.

And in our feature request meetings I keep letting them know that our forum community is asking for release dates.

Thanks for hanging in there.


It was supposed to be in the first quarter of this year. What happened?

No new update. This feature is still in the works for later this year. 

I would like to know if there are some news regarding this feature or if you need something from us like a better explanation or smt like this 

I’m not sure why it was not added when the driver was created. That was six months before I started with Xencelabs. I can't imagine that there is any sort of patent issue; it was just overlooked.

Please know that Xencelabs is a small but growing company. We are customer-centric, but when we started this venture, so much needed to be done. Please remember that our competitor has been doing this for 40-plus years. We are now 3.5 years into this venture, and with each driver release and product release, we are moving forward just a bit.

I would also like to thank all those who have contributed to your thoughts and given guidance and direction for features like this one. You are helping mold Xencelabs into a company that is pushing its way to the top of this market. Thanks -

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I am glad this thread is getting more attention because I have been looking forward to this feature for a long, I don't know what is the issue at the moment if it cannot be implemented or something else. As @John Carimando was asking  Is it a patent issue? Was it considered not essential? because it's been like 3 years now. I moved away from Wacom because I preferred but with this feature absent it feels like using a Huion and XP-pen rather. Because they are also having a similar issue of not having this feature. So is it a patent issue or it can't be implemented or something else?

I even tried getting an OpenTabletDriver from Github to see if this could work but they also haven't been able to implement it. Kindly let us know what's going on because this is a very important feature that will help us in our workflow

Yes, I suppose it was overlooked, not on purpose or by design, but by chance. And that is where this community comes to the rescue! You let us know what we missed, and Xencelabs will do our best to added and or fix it.

We are not perfect, but we do try very hard to meet the needs of our artist community.

I've sent several responses in this conversation the last 2 weeks that do not appear. I don't understand if I'm not being aproved (didn't say anything mean or offensive) or what could be happening

With the beta version 1.3.2-61-RC, tablet usage is finally broken. The right mouse button is pressed first at the moment of pressing the button, while the pen has not yet touched the tablet. Then at the moment when the pen touches the tablet, the right mouse button is pressed again. And then the press occurs for the third time when you release the button.

Okey, I've just seen your video again to make sure and I can confirm you 100% without a shadow of doubt that this alt button that you are showing, while cool is not what we are asking for. I put a detailed comment yesterday explaining it but  for some reason didn't reach the thread, maybe there was a bug, idk

We want this to work with mouse clicks (middle and right click) not with alt. This means that when I press right cick (or middle click) the action will only trigger when while I'm pressing the button I hit the tablet with the nib, not while hovering (which is how currently is now).

I'll try to make a video this week explaining it but I highly encourage you to pick up a wacom tablet and try this option, youll instantly understand what we are looking for

The one shown in the video is close but not what we want , you don't need to hover for it to change, it only changes when the pen tip is touching the board, that's how the Click & tap works. So like key alt key you assigned, it works in hover, it should only work when the pen tip is on the board, meaning the tip of pen has completely changed from click to alt whiles on the board.

The Click + Tap is working on both the Mac and Windows platforms. That is what I showed in the video.

If it is not working for you, please reach out to

The other feature, Hover + Click, has been placed on the driver feature request and should be released in the next driver or two that are posted.

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I've changed the screenshot because I've just realized that could be confusing since the option selected is not the option that we want, heres is the the newer version

Answering Mike, yes and no. it doesn't matter what you do first (press the button or having the nib on the table) the thing is that the right (or middle) button will be triggered when BOTH are happening at the same time, usually what you do is press the button and tap where you want the right click to be performed. And yes, as long as those two things are happening it will be performa a right click (or a middle click) and It's not only tapping is also dragging, it means that if u want to scroll a webpage using the middle button you click the button with tour finger and without releasing it you put the nib on the table and drag.

I do have a wacom and I can record a video explaining how this feature works, however I'm confused because It's a very simple concept and afaik the developers were working on this.

Also every single wacom tablet has this feature and can be checked as I said almost a year ago in this screenshot:

"If it helps I link here  a screenshot of wacoms configuration so you can see how they have handled this"

This feature is crucial, I'm using a lot the tablet lately and I'm considering HEAVILY going back to wacom even tho they are worse in every single aspect but this.

Would a video really help? would it go faster?

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You are wanting to have your nib on the tablet and then press the pen button for right-click, and as long as you aer pressing the button the nib will now perform a right-click.

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