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Many Quick Keys shortcuts not working

I'm setting up my Quck Keys for the first time, starting with Lightroom. I'm finding that simple shortcuts I'm registering don't work if they rely on a single key press. E.g. in Lightroom, I want to activate the Crop tool, which would be 'R' on the keyboard. I can register a shortcut key as "Crop" from the Keystroke menu, enter the shortcut "R" but in Lightroom nothing happens when I press it. It's the same for every one-letter shortcut I've tried such as D to switch to the Develop module, V to toggle black & white, etc. 

Any shortcuts I create that rely on Command, Option, Shift (or a combination thereof) plus a letter seem to work, e.g. Autotone (CMD+U), Auto White Balance (CMD+SHIFT+U).

I found the same issue in Spotify. All the controls such as Skip track (CMD+right cursor), skip forward (CMD+SHIFT+right cursor) work as expected but Play / Pause (Spacebar) do not.

The device is useless to me if it can't be programmed with simple shortcuts.

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I replied to you via the ticket your creeated, but I also wanted to post my reply here for others to see -

** Fixing this issue is a priortiy for our driver team.

Thanks for the quick follow-up. The driver team has noted the issue and is addressing it now. You can uninstall your current driver, 1.3.0-41, and install the previous driver, 1.2.1-43, and that will get you up and running. 

You will need to click on Older Versions at the bottom of the macOS driver box, and then you can select and download driver 1.2.1-43.  

Once you have it installed, you MUST restart your Mac.

Once this issue is fixed, you will see a driver update available in your Settings panel on the lower left above your driver version number. 

Sorry for the issue, and please let me know if you have any other questions. 

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