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Xencelab Pen and Windows Pen and Touch

The Xencelabs tablet experience has been hands down better than my recent Wacoms. I had to do a bunch of preference trickery to get PS to behave with the Wacom. I had to clean up everything to make sure that the Xencelabs tablet doesn't suffer from all those previous changes.

The last bit of issue was that my Xencelab Pen side buttons were not working correctly. I wanted to figure out why, and of course leads to Windows "Pen and Touch"

This may seem simple, so I apologize if this is has been repeated in another part of the forum.

(Xencelabs options - 3-Button Pen)


These settings will not work if the 'Pen and Touch > Pen buttons' section isn't checked off.


Coming from previous products Windows Ink seemed to interfere with pressure and drawing. For the Xencelabs tablet it is necessary. 


Now the pen is working like a champ and I don't need to mess with external program preferences.

[Windows 11 - 22H2, Adobe Suite CC 2023]

Thanks for the post. This is excellent information to share! 

At best, there is this dance of Windows Ink vs Wintab, and depending on what application you use, it will decide whether you use Wintab or Windows Ink. More and more applications are letting you select which utility (Wintab or Windows Ink) you want to work in. 

Yes, makes sense, that's why I specified the OS and the Application I am dealing with. So many variables!

Side question, (I will make a separate post if you feel it is necessary.) Without giving away 'secrets' is there a description somewhere on how the Xencelabs Tablet is interacting or using Windows Ink or Wintab?

A visual would make it easier to understand how all these technologies work together. 

For instance, When the side button on the pen is pressed, is it telling the pad to do something, and then the pad tells the OS? 

Or, Why does Windows Ink need to be checked off for pressure sensitive drawing? Isn't the tablet polling the pressure from the pen all the time, what keeps it from being detected by windows (in this example)?

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