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Quick Keys Remote: Program Windows Magnifier tool shortcuts, others

Ok, I'm a teacher, and going to use the remote to do various things. 

I want to be able to use the Windows Magnifier tool.  However, you cannot do Win+= keyshortcut, as it won't let you without opening/using the tool.   I want to be able to Zoom in at the cursor.   I am able to create the Zoom out (Win+-)

Next, I want to be able to press a Quick Keys button to play a videofile or soundfile.  I can't seem to get that to work.

There isn't a guide on how to successfully create custom keys for the remote yet, or I can't find it, perhaps its too new of a product.  

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I have been working on your request. Your right, there are a lot of Windows Key + operations that do not work, and the Driver team is working on understanding why and what needs to be done to make them work.

I have discovered that you can set up three of the Quick Keys Buttons to work together to do what you are looking for.

One Button is set up to activate the Windows Key. The other two are set to activate the "-" and "=" keys.


[1] Is set to use the Keystroke and the Special Functions. I'll show you how to set this up in a minute.

[2] Is set to use "-"

[3] Is set to use "="

You hold down button 5, and then press Button 6 or 7 to zoom in or out.

Let me show you how to set this up. 

Well, start with Button 5, which will be the Windows button.

[1] Select the button you want to use. In this setup, I'm using Quick Keys Button 5.

[2] Select keystroke from the dropdown menu.

[1] you will want to name it.

[2] Click on the clear this will allow you to access the Special Functions drop-down menu.

[3] Click on Add Special.

[4] Select the Window Key from the Add Special menu.

[5] This will place the Win unique text in the Keystrokes Keys field.

[6] Click OK

The first button is set up. This will be the button you will hold down while pressing one of the next two buttons we'll set up.

[1] I'm using button 6 for the Zoom In feature. Select and open it.

[2] Give the Shortcut a Name. I called mine Zoom In.

[3] Click Clear to remove what was in the Keystroke Keys field.

[4] Click in the Keystroke Keys field and press the - key on your keyboard.

[5] Click OK, and the second button is now set up.

The third button will be for Zoom Out.

The last button to set up is the Zoom Out, and you will follow the same process as you did in the above step.

[1] You will Clear and then enter =

[2] And then click OK.

Now your Quick Keys should look similar to the one in the first image above.

This is what my Quick Keys look like now.

[1] Is set up to activate the Windows key when it is pressed and held.

[2,3] While holding button 1 down, pressing once button 2 or 3 will Zoom In or Zoom Out.

I hope this helps unit we can come up with a different process. 

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