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Quick Keys Suggestions...

  1. Allow "Mouse Click" per-item actions to include user-selected modifiers as well (Shift, Ctrl, Alt, etc.).  

  2. Double-click action should allow selecting whether left, right, or middle mouse button used, not just assume left button.

  3. Actions should support "Modern" action equivalents as well ("Charms", etc.), triggering desktop equivalent when in desktop app/environment.

  4. Text label on button display should be separate and editable from action triggered.  That way user can label using SW command, instead of just being stuck with label displaying the action.

  5. User should be able to set idle time after which display dims to lowest setting -- can't be later than "go to sleep" time (nor should "go to sleep" time be later than "shut off" time).

  6. "Custom" mode for dial (purple colored?), where user can set what action is triggered "per-tick" moving dial either direction, with similar choices as other button action offerings.

  7. "Raw" mode for dial (white?), where user can set dial "per-tick" actions as above, but also set action triggered by center button.

  8. User should be able to select "Switch to app profile X", "Switch to button set X", "Switch dial to mode X", etc. as actions associated with buttons or whatever.  Let any switch-type or momentary input potentially trigger any action.

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I second esp. 1. and 8. 
1. I tried to set the dial as one mode to Cmd-wheel-up and Cmd-wheel-down (timeline scrolling in Resolve) and the same with Alt-wu and Alt-wd (timeline Zooming in Resolve) which ist not possible as of 1.1.0

8. This could be like this: if the set-key is held down, the buttons always switch to Set-1 to Set-5 (labelled as configured) - maybe even the top 3 for wheel-modes 1-3 or 3 out of 5 that one can choose oneself in the driver interface. 

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