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Some features for audio and video editors...


I've recently bought the Quick keys and I'd like to share some thoughts about it's use into the audio editing and video editing domain :

 - the ability to add a choosen shortcut to the jogwheel button instead of a mode change (this button could be used as a "play/stop" button, and the jogwheel could be used for scrubbing), making navigation easy.

- same for the group button.

- the ability to have a combination : jogwheel button + button = another function, that could be used as a zoom...

- the ability to make oled characters smaller : let me explain : when used vertically, having not the ability to have buttons description on the same row leads to confusion for the user. I suppose having the possibility to choose the height of characters + an option allowing users to be able to have the descriptions at the same level would help regarding clarity.

The removal of the little dash could help gaining some space too...

I do precise that in my opinion, Digital Audio Workstation's (and maybe video editors) users will use the item upside down : (please have a look at the picture)

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Thanks for posting that. I have sent your request on to the Driver team.  

You have an impressive set up!

I've wondered what I could do with this and LMMS, Audacity, and other audio production & DJ software.

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