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Quickkeys stand and/or weight

I'd like to see a future iteration of the Quickkey with a heavier base so that it can stay firmly on the desk when using the dial or buttons located on the end. Mine wants to move a little as it is out of the box. I have since added some larger rubber feet that A: hold it firmly to the desk surface and B: lets me have it sit at an angle.

To that last point, I'd love to see an accessory stand that would allow one to raise and tilt the Quickkey so it could sit behind a keyboard and be reachable or simply be angled to be more comfortable. I find it a little awkward to use when laying flat. 

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Hello Brandon,

About the angled base, I did on myself and I got questions and requests like you are making here.

To help with the grip on the table, I added a super soft rubber pads.

It can be see here:

I'm waiting Xencelabs (Mike?) get in contact with me to see how can we make it available.

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I have let the Prodcut team know about your request. I'm not sure where they are with that? 

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