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Turn "send a keystroke" to "be this key"

Hi, I have a tiny request that could help a lot when setting key bindings to the pen.

Currently, Xencelabs options are "Send a keystroke" and that works great but sometimes I want to hold a key, and that's not possible currently

IE: If I set the last button of the pen to send "a", it will send just that, an "a" stroke, but sometimes I want to hold this key because I have some tool hooked to the key a but it works by holding it. So instead of sending a keystroke it could be just "be this key" and act exactly like this key would

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I am eagerly looking forward to that! Thank you :)


Very busy!

We are in the midst of launching our newest product today, it is a Pen Display 16 with an OLED display that is 10-bits.

We are also launching two driver updates later today for both the macOS and Winodws.

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Just asking: how busy is the team?

I can see a lot of feature passed to the team, but none in the "planned" folder.

That is a great suggestion, and I have passed it on to the driver team to review.

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