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"Please connect the computer and install the driver"

I keep getting this message on my quick keys screen today. Nothing on my end had changed, and I've only owned my quick keys for about a couple months.

Tried the following:

  • Turning on and off the quick keys
  • Unplugging the quick keys USB port from my computer and plugging it in again
  • Combo of turning off, unplugging USB, and letting quick keys turn itself on when USB was plugged into my computer
  • Re-installing the drivers with the latest update (3.0-39), only to be met with a blank screen
  • Uninstalling the driver, and re-installing the same latest updated driver again (3.0-39)  with the same issue of seeing a blank screen 
  • Reinstalling an older version of the driver (2.1-19), only to see the same blank screen except with a button asking to update
  • Restarting my PC

I sent an email for further help (was unable to reach a person over the phone), but til then, is there any other solution I could try to get it to work?

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Thanks for creating the ticket with customer care, and glad you are up and running.

For those who are reading this, Maria solved the issue by switching to a different port on her USB Hub. The port she was using stopped working.

As a gentle reminder, please always use a powered USB hub when you can. That was not the issue in this case.


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