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xencelabs driver fails to detect software

hi folks,

since recently the xencelabs software for some reasons , fail to detect substance painter steam edition, if i rollback to an old version or update to a new one it will work until my computer is restarted , and i have to reinstall the software again and again , idk what's causing this.

I'm having the driver team investigate this. It looks like it is an Adobe issue, but I'm not 100% sure. 

question;; Is there a setup profile for CapCup

There is not, and that is one I have not heard of. We have toyed with making a location on our website that you can go share your application specific settings and look to see what others have posted.

Would you find this useful?


issue still not resolved to this day, i've try to use the task scheduler to force the xencelabs app to start with admin rights, but it refuse to do so. i have to start the app manually with admin right every time i boot my pc.... bummer

What version of Adobe Substance Painter are you using, and what is your operating system and version, and our you on the current Xencelabs driver?

I was working with Sebastian and the group at Adobe Substance Painter last week. They were testing our tablet and display for an upcoming event in Europe and did not mention that they ran into any issues.



my xencelabs driver is this one :


the issue still remains everything works fine if the xencelabs is started with admin right , but by default it isn't the case , the app can be launched at startup with default right, so i have to quit the Xence  app and restart it by right clicking it and select " with admin rights" and only then, the software see substance painter and enable all the shortcuts, i have some small issues like this one on all the adobe apps ( pen stutter, right click block) everything else work smooth like butter : no issue in zbrush/blender/pureref/ etc

Please create a support ticket at and include your operating system and the version you are using.

I would like to ask the obvious question: Do you have admin rights on this computer?

I have also alerted the drive team to this issue so they can start to investigate what might be causing this to happen.


The driver team has asked me to have you download and install the Xencelabs driver linked below. Once installed please restart you computer, and give it a test. 

Driver Link:

yes i have the admin rights on my computer,

i'm going to dl the link and create a ticket. 

keeping you updated

i've DL and installed the version you gave me, unfortunately the problem remains : until the app is started with ADMIN RIGHTS ( wich i have) it won't detect the software.

Compatibility mode or windows task scheduler won't work in this favor, so i really don't understand what's going on with substance painter being the only app where this problem occurs (it may be because it is a steam version and the soft has to go trough two layers ? idk)

i'm gonna create a ticket

Perfect, and thanks. 

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