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Bug: can't click on several Illustrator palettes when they are in List mode.

So I got my new small tablet yesterday, installed the driver, and finally took it out to work some today. And promptly found a very strange little glitch. This looks like the best place to report a bug?


A lot of Illustrator palettes simply don’t respond to taps from the stylus if they are set to display in List mode. I can drag stuff up and down but clicking does nothing. They still work normally in Thumbnail mode, at the cost of not having any names visible - a big hassle for my Graphic Style-centric workflow.

I have specifically observed this in the Graphic Styles, Brush, and Swatch palettes.

Also, the visibility eyes and the color swatches in the Appearance palette do not respond to taps.

OSX 11.6.4, Illustrator 26.2.1, Xencelabs driver 1.2.1-18, Wacom driver 6.3.41-2.

Thanks for posting that. The Driver Team has been working on correcting that. I would like to have you download and test the soon-to-be-released macOS driver listed below.

Driver link:

Once you have it installed, you will need to restart your Mac, test it, and let me know how it is working.


I have similar problems, on mac os 12, I send video:

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The latest beta 1.2.1-28-Alpa.dmg  solves this problem, thanks

I'm glad that driver got you up and running. It will be released soon, please watch for the Driver Update Available when you open the Settings panel or on our website at the below URL.


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Hi Mike!

I'm using driver version 1.3.3-67 and while I can select brushes using my Xenclabs pen (Medium Bundle), I cannot apply a Graphic Style with the pen, but can using the mouse.

Any thoughts?

Thanks for posting that, and yes. Please use the link below to download and install an updated version of the Xencelabs Mac driver.

Driver Link:

You can over-install the driver, and once you have it installed, you will need to restart your Mac.

Please let me know how that works for you.

And nice hearing from you Bill!


I had this problem resurface for Illustrator's Graphic Styles palette when I installed 1.3.3-67 and reverted to 1.2.1-43. I just installed the 1.3.4-70 beta and things seem to be working properly again. Yay!

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Thanks Mike, I hope you are well.

Bingo! That fixed me right up.

Thanks again!


That is what I love to hear, and you are welcome!

Margret: I'm glad to hear you are up and running with that driver. That is what I enjoy about this forum: helping one person can also help so many others. Amazing! 

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