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Sudden jerky movements of pointer, brush, crosshair

It's been going on for a while and I've learned to live with it but out of the blue on irregular intervals and at least twice a week my Xencelabs medium pen tablet seems to have a live of its own by frantically moving the crosshair, pointer or brush (depending in what program I am) and activating menu's or opening and closing things as if it's randomly controlled by someone else. It takes maybe just 2-5 seconds, the process is like a fast forward motion and when I remove my hand that holds the pen of the surface of the tablet it just keeps going. After that, unnecessary windows are open, commands that I do not want to be activated are activated, the program I use has been minimized or the window shifted that it's half on the screen and now just before I post this the program I was using just closed without saving the work I was busy on (a 3D model). I lost a 3 hours of generating content whereby I thought to address the issue now. In the past I have been able to get back to the normal state just before a 'burst' happened by pressing ctrl-z (in Photoshop whereby random paint strokes or lines where appearing) but it's not always been possible.

The tablet and pen work fine for the rest but these 'bursts' are quite annoying especially when work is lost. I tried to record my screen in the past at irregular intervals but have not been able to record such a 'burst'.

Any advise or any one else that has experienced this?     

Please reach out to Customer Care by email to I would be happy to work with you.

If your Xencelabs device is not working as you think it should, please reach out to Customer Care and have us work with you to resolve the issue. Please do not settle for something that just sort of works some of the time. That is crazy and not what I want to hear!


That's crazy. I've had the exact same thing from the beginning of owning this tablet. I figured it would just be me. When it starts, even when I put the pen away from the tablet, it just goes and goes causing all kinds of havoc on what I have open at the time. Unfortunately it's completely random, and I'm unable to make it happen to get the evidence so to speak. It might be a few times in one day, or it might go weeks without it happening.

Sorry to hear that is happening to you. It sounded like it may be an issue with the pen. I would like you to send an email to and work with a Xencelabs agent to determine what the issue.

They will help you test the pen to make sure the pen is working properly.

There is a diagnostics application in the Settings panel that will test the pen to make sure it is not the issue.

Pen Test FAQ Link:

Please reach out to Xencelabs Custom3er Care using the email address I posted above.


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