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Scroll with Modifier Key

I'm a heavy Figma user and spend a lot of time scrolling around my canvases. The standard scroll and zoom features work fine on my QuickKeys, but to scroll left-right I need a modifier key (SHIFT) to scroll left and right. Having the ability to set up my QuickKeys so that the shift modifier is enabled while I'm on a certain scroll profile would make that easier. 

It would also make it very useful in 3d modeling applications like openscad where different modifiers + scroll wheel motions can move the object in different axes.

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I have sent in your request (along with Cicali's) to have this added. For me, it is a no-brainer, and I thought we had the modifier selection box as part of the Dial dropdown selections. I was wrong; it goes to show you that even though you look at something a thousand times, you do not always see what is obvious. Again, great suggestions and thanks for calling it out. 

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