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Not every app is mentioned in Xencelabs app

I frequently utilize various applications, and occasionally find it necessary to assign new key shortcuts for efficiency. However, I encounter difficulty with applications downloaded from the Microsoft Store, as well as with some standard applications, as they are not recognized for shortcut customization (I mean it doesn't show it in app list provided by the app neither we can browse it). I kindly request assistance in resolving this issue to facilitate ease of use, particularly on tablet devices

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You are correct, and a good example is Adobe's XD application; its download placement is different from that of other Adobe applications, and currently, we are not able to add it to the Application row within the Settings panel.

Part of the issue with the Microsoft Store applications is that they load into an area that we do not have access to. The driver team is looking into that, but it has been slow going with Microsoft and Adobe.

We are working on these issues, but there is no time estimate as to when they will be fixed.

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