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Quick Keys Lightroom basic adjustment buttons?

Is there any way to make the buttons correspond to basic adjustments a'la loupedeck?  I can't see how to do it since there are no keyboard shortcuts to switch to "exposure", "temp", "tint", "contrast", "highlights" ... etc.

This was the basic level of functionality I was hoping for when purchasing.  :)

I have asked the Driver team to add Lightroom to the presets that are built into the Driver. I also use Adobe Lightroom, and it would be nice to have them set up out of the box.  

Loupedeck has it enabled as a profile out of the box, so I don't know how they made that happen internally.

It would not be possible if there were no keyboard shortcuts to enter into the Quick Keys.

I know application like Capture One has an extensive shortcut editing interface that allows you to set up keyboard shortcuts for just about any action within the application.

I would suggest reaching out to the folks at loupedeck to see what they can help within the shortcut area.


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