The Xencelabs macOS driver is a quick and easy application to download and install on your macOS. 

The Xencelabs macOS driver is compatible with macOS 10.12 and newer, including the M1 and Mac Studio platforms. 

You will need to go to the Xencelabs driver page to download the current macOS driver.

[1] Click on download, which will start the download process to your download folder.

This is also where you can access the Release Notes and older versions of the Xencelabs macOS driver.

Before starting the installation process, please connect the Pen Tablet directly to your computer.


If you cannot connect directly to your computer, use a powered hub to make the connection.


Once the driver is downloaded, you will double-click it. This will start the installation process.

Once you have the driver downloaded, you can access it from your download folder. Select and run it. 
Select Continue.
You must read and agree to the terms and conditions of using the Xencelabs driver.

You will need to click Continue and scroll down to the Agree button.

Click Agree to continue.  
This will install the Xencelabs driver to the main Macintosh HD.

Click Install.
You will need to enter your admin password to continue the installation of the Xencelabs driver.

Once it is successfully entered, the driver will start installing.
Once the Xencelabs driver is installed, it will start the Guided setup.

*Note: if you select the Manual Setup, it will bring you to the completed page, and you will be up and running.

If you select the Guided setup, I suggest this for first-time Xencelabs users. It will walk you through the different elements of the Settings panel.

Select Guided Setup. 
You will want to ensure that your Xencealbs devices are connected and powered on.

The Settings panel will look to see which devices are connected and display them in the panel to the right.

If you do not see any highlighted devices pictured here, please disconnect and reconnect them and then press "Scan for devices."

If you have the Quick Keys, only that will be the only device you see in the device detection panel.

Press the right arrow to continue.  
By default, the Settings panel uses the qwerty keyboard layout, as many manufacturers require that keyboard layout for their shortcut keys to work.

You can select a different keyboard layout from the dropdown menu if you would like.

Press the right arrow to continue. 
The tablet Control buttons are default set as the image to the right shows.

These are customizable if you would like to change them.

If you are new to using Pen Tablets, I would suggest that you do not customize your Xencelabs Pen tablet for the first week. You first allow yourself to become familiar with how the Pen Tablet works, then you can start customizing it.

Press the right arrow to continue.
Both the 3-Button and the Thin pens pressure settings are customizable.  

By default, it is set to being right in the middle, and you can change it to meet your drawing style better.

Press the right arrow to continue.
Xencelabs comes with presets for many applications.  So you can jump in and start using the setting with the application that are listed to the right.

If you have an application, you would like to add to the list. Please reach out to Xencelabs Customer Care using the email address

Press the right arrow to continue.
The Guided setup is completed, and once you click finish, you will be taken to the Customer Registration page.

The Xencelabs driver is up and running, and you are on your way to creating.

Click Finish.

If you just finished installing the Xencelabs driver, your Pen Tablet or Quick Keys are not working. Please check the below setting to make sure it is selected. 

Click on Apply in the upper left-hand corner and select Preferences.
 Select Security and Privacy.
Make sure the Privacy tab is selected in the top portion of the dialog lob.

1. Select Accessibility.

2. If the lock is in the locked position, you will need to click on it and enter your admin password to open it so that you can check the Xencelabs driver.

3. In the Allow the apps below to control your computer, check the box for Xencelabs.

This should get you up and running. If it does not, please reach out to our awesome Customer Care team at, and they will be happy to help you.

You can also visit or Support page at, and you will find a wealth of information, including our FAQs.