To install the Xencelabs Driver for the Mac, please follow the instructions listed below. 

  1. Download the current Xencelabs Mac driver from

  2. Once the driver is downloaded, you will be able to select it and start the install.

  3. If you are prompt to give the Xencelabs permission, please do o. If you do not, the pen and tablet will not work. You will then need to go into Preferences, in Security and Privacy, manually set the permissions. The instructions are listed below.

  4. Once the driver finishes the install, you will be asked to set up your tablet. 

Please take a few minutes to test the pen on the tablet. Hover the pen over the surface and move your wrist left to right; is the cursor following your hand movement? If it is not, follow the instructions listed below to manually set up the security and privacy settings. 

** Important Note: Once you have finished installing the driver on your Mac, you will need to restart the Mac for the driver to work properly.

1.  Click on the Apple in the upper left corner of your screen

2. Select System Preferences.

1. Then, in the top section, select Privacy and Security.

Making sure the Privacy tab is selected in the top portion of the dialog lob.

1. Select Accessibility.

2. If the lock is in the locked position, you will need to click on it and enter your admin password to open it so that you can check the Xencelabs driver.

3. In the Allow the apps below to control your computer, check the box for Xencelabs.
You will also need to make sure the Input monitoring selection is set correctly.

1. Selecting the Input Monitoring from the selection on the left.

2. If the lock is unlocked from the previous setting, move on to step three. Otherwise, click on the lock to open it. You will need to enter your admin password.

3. In the allow box, check the XencelabsDriver.

Please test the pen with the tablet. You should now be able to move the cursor with the pen hovering over the tablet about 1/8 of an inch. 

If you are not, please follow up with customer care at

Once you have completed the driver install, you will need to restart your Mac computer for the driver to work properly.