A maximum of two devices, a Tablet or Quick Key, can be connected to each XenceLabs wireless dongle. If you bought a tablet and Quick Key separately you can pair both of them to a single dongle. If you lost your dongle and purchased a new one, you can repair your device to the new dongle.

Open the Settings application and click on the gear menu icon on the top right of the window. Select the option to "Pair Device to USB Receiver."

Before starting the pairing process, you will need to connect the device you want to pair to the computer with the USB cable.

If you have one USB port and you are needed to pair both the Pen Tablet and a Quick Keys, you can pair them separately. 

[1] Select the Gear icon

[2] From the drop-down menu, select Pair device to Dongle

[3] Select the first open box, and click inside it.

[4] The Driver will look for and then select the first device.  Click on that listing. 

[5] Click Yes.

[6] This shows that your Pen Tablet is now paired.

if you are pairing a Quick Keys, that will be listed here instead of the Pen Tablet.

[7] If you have a second device to pair. Make sure it is connected via the USB cable, and then click in the empty box to start the process. 

This is what it would look like if you were pairing the Quick Keys. 

This is showing that the Pen Tablet and the Quick Keys are now paired and ready to be used wirelessly.

* The number the is listed below the device is the unique identifier that the Driver uses to talk to the specific device.

Your devices are paired and you can click on Close.