1. Open computer System Preferences, find and click on Security & Privacy".

2. Find Privacy" -> "Accessibility", then click on Click the lock to make changes".

-->>Touch ID or enter your password to allow this.

-->>After unlock, click on the add button +”.


3. Find “Applications”, click on “Xencelabs”.

-->>Then find “Xencelabs”, and click on “Open”.

4. After adding “Xencelabs”, continue to click the add button “+”.


5. Still find the “Application”->“Xencelabs”.


-->>Then click computer keyboard shortcuts "command+shift+.", the hidden folder ".guide" will be displayed as below.

-->>Then find “.guide”->“Xencelabs”, and click on “Open”.


6. Congratulations: “Xencelabs” and “XencelabsDriver” are added as below, privacy setting completed. Next restart the computer and then start working with the tablet on Mac OS computer!