The below instruction will walk you through stopping and then starting the Xencelabs service in your Windows 10 Service panel. 

Before you start, please make sure your tablet is plugged directly into your computer or that it is plugged into a powered hub and the active area lights are on. 

If the Active area lights are not on, your tablet is not receiving any power. Using the On/Off switch that is located to the right of the USB-C connection on the top right of your tablet, turn it Off and then On. 

Once you have your active area lights on, you can follow the instructions below to Stop and then Start your Xencelabs Service. 

In the Windows Search panel, type in Service

1. Type in Services into the Windows search panel
2. Select Services from the above selection

1. Make sure you have Services (Local) selected

2. Scroll down the list until you come to the XencelabsService

1. Right-click on XencelabsSerivce and

2. Select Stop. This will stop the service

You will want to wait 30 seconds before re-starting the service. 

1. Right-click the Xencelabs service, and this time select Start

This will reset your Xencelabs driver and restart the Xencelabs service.

Test your pen and tablet. You should be able to control your cursor with your pen now.

If your tablet is still not working, please follow up with Xencelabs customer care at

To exit out of the Services panel, click on the Exit button in the upper right of your services panel.