Once the Quick Keys have gone into sleep mode, you will notice that the Power and Connection lights on the bottom of the Quick Keys are still on, but the OLEDs are not. 

Once the Quick Keys has gone into Sleep mode, the Quick Keys will power off if there is no activity in 30 minutes. At this point, the Power and Connection lights will go out. To use the Quick Keys again, you will need to power them on using the On/Off power slider located between the Power and Connection lights. 

[1] To access the time for your Quick Keys. First, power on your Quick Keys and Connect it to your computer wirelessly.

Click on the top-left center tablet button to open the Setting application, and select Preferences.

[2] Under the Sleep Timer For text, drop the menu down, and select My Quick Keys.

[3] You can then set the Sleep Timer for your quick keys. If you select Never, the Quick Keys will not go to sleep.
This image is showing the Quick Keys as being powered on.

[1] The power light is on.

[2] It shows the On/Off switch.

[3] Shows the connection light as being on and connected.

[4] It shows the OLED lights in an On the state.
Image of the QUick Keys in Sleep Mode

[1] The Power light is on

[2] The Connection light is on

[3] The OLEDs are off, indicating that the Quick keys are now in sleep mode and when touched will automatically power on.
This image shows the Quick Keys in the Power Off mode.

[1] Power light off

[2] Connection light off