Yes, that is easy to do. A maximum of two devices, Pen Tablet or Quick Keys or Two Quick Keys, can be paired to a Wireless Dongle.  

You will want to fully charge your Quick Keys before using them wirelessly. Once charged, you can slide the On/Off switch at the bottom of the Quick Keys to the Right, and this will start the wireless hand-shake to the dongle. If it does not connect, please follow the instructions listed below to manually make the connection.

If you are replacing are adding second Quick Keys, you will need to follow the instructions below to access and open the Setting program. 

Windows Instructions: 

Type Xencelabs in the Windows search window at the bottom left of your display, and press enter. Then select the Xencelabs app listing that is shown. 

macOS Instructions: 

Click on Finder in the File menu, select Applications, scroll down to the Xencelabs folder and select the Xencelabs application. 

Opening the Settings application:

To access the Settings application, you will click on the right tablet button located at your tablet's top center. 


For Windows users, go to the Windows Search window and type Xencelabs, and select the Xencelabs application.

For Mac users, click on Go, select Applications, select and expand the Xencelabs folder and select the Settings application.

[1] Shows the three buttons at the top center of the tablet. The button on the left will open the Setting application.

Steps to pair a new dongle or device:

[2] Select the Gear icon in the upper right of the application window.

[3] Select Manage Wireless Paring

In the image to the right, [2,5]there is a device in both the Wireless Dongles slots.

If you are adding a new device, you will first need to remove the device you are no longer using.

You will click on the device you want to remove, in this case it is [5] in the above image.

[7] Select Remove.

[8] It will then as you if you are sure you want to remove it, select, Remove.

[9] Shows that you have an open slot on your Wireless Dongle.

Make sure that the device you are wanting to pair to the Wireless Dongle is connected via the USB cable to your computer.

Click on the open slot, and you will be asked if this is the device you would like to pair.

[10] In this case, it is, click on the Devie to Pair.

[11] It will ask you to confirm the selection, click Yes.

[12] You can now see the new device as being paired to the Wireless Dongle.